Prolonging the active life and the phenomenon of population „dis-rejuvenation“ is becoming a major political challenge for Europe, despite the success gained as a result of the increase of life expectancy, even for finding the most viable politics and measures of human resources development at all ages, on the line of their economic, social and employment viability.

The project hereby is built around the concept of active and healthy aging and tries to prevent the negative effects of aging in Europe through teenagers’ lifelong education and training in the direction of assuming active roles in society at all ages, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, occupying/staying as long as possible in the labor market, all these wishes being achieved by multinational mixed activities (teenager – old people) that capitalize intergenerational solidarity and learning.

We always have the responsibility of the future not only of the present, and that is why how we react today we will live tomorrow, so if we want to be active in the future we have to train ourselves and to start doing this even from adolescence when we are/become aware of our future.



1)    Promoting a culture of active aging among the two generations (young and old), as part of the continuous process of personal, social, professional, spiritual evolution.

2)    Stimulating intergenerational learning as a psycho-social mechanism of forming and consolidating a society based on equity, solidarity and respect for human dignity.

3)    Integrating the „psycho-socio-professional“ dimension in the lifelong learning process, as the main driving force of development and completion of our own person, in all life stages

4)    Increasing, at the level of the national and European public opinion, of the clearness of the problems related to active aging in order to implement and promote viable solutions that can face up to Europe’s new psychological, social, economic and political challenges.

5)    Favoring, at the level of the two categories brought into discussion, the fair access to training/updating opportunities of the competences necessary for a sustainable participation in the society they live in



The project activities follow the structure of the objectives mentioned above, unfolding and integrating under the form of an imaginary journal in which the main character is the present day teenager that leaps temporally in the year 2072, when he meets himself at the aging stage.

This imaginative teleportation in time of the teenager in the future is told and kept in a book that includes in its pages all the periods in a man’s life: adolescence, youth, maturity, old age.

Thus, through this journal with an open ending (that is „written“ gradually by going through the project activities dedicated to each age stage) the young man is helped by this „gray“ alter-ego to prepare to study and to adapt to all life challenges, accumulating and capitalizing different competences, abilities, skills, attitudes and behaviors in every life stage, and when he reaches the aging stage he should be active and autonomous in society, despite his age.

Hence, adolescents together with old people from the communities of the countries involved will be involved in activities which are structured as being part of the „living“ chapters of the journal of memories of the old narrator from 2072.

Every chapter is a life stage in which the teenager „revives“ the experiences accumulated and assumed by the old man from the future through activities accomplished by mixed teams of young and old people, the results of the activities being considered as the character’s „memories“ in stages and jotted as valuable experiences in the section „Memory workshop“ of every chapter.

Every chapter ends with students’ essays, these lieterary products having the role to intergrate the experiences, impressions and competences gained in every „Memory workshop“ and to give continuity to the old man’s biographical story from the year 2072.

Therefore, one oof the important final products of the project will be the book of life of this old alter-ego of present day teenager, a book also called „Journal of Memories“ and will be structured as follows:

Preface – „Memories from the Future“.




All know, that we can’t stop and turn back the time. It seems, that yesterday we were child, run, played, thought only about childish things. Today we are already grown-up. We have learned to choose from bad and good things. We built our life bases. Now we can only imagine, what will be in the future. Certainly, we believe the bests and want that our innings life will be meaningful. I’m so happy that Lithuania depends to European Union. With  it’ s help I can take pleasure, that economy of Lithuania is going better after so difficult crisis times. Now each person can free go to European Union countries and become what he or she only wants. Personally I, during next 50 life years, believe, that I’ll mature more and get experience in many spheres. I’ll be more experienced in the life and have my own family. I think, that I’ll travel a lot and communicate with people from different countries, because with help of European Union, I can do it free. Now elderly people are not so considered. In many situations, for example, like this working capacity is depreciate. If you are an old person it means that you can’t work. Yes, maybe, but during their all life years they got so much experience that rarely young person has. Certainly, that young person will get in the future this experience maybe even more. But, I think, that we should show a big respect for the elderly people, because I think, that in the future you’ll want that youth will be respectful for you. It is said, behave with people so, how would you like that they’ll behave with you. And I would like to be respectable in the future from the younger than I people. Time goes and we try to plan or just imagine our future. As for me, first of all I should finish my studies after that I’ll try to entrance to the college, to prepare for the life. In the future I imagine that I’ll live in the capital, have a good family, wonderful friends. I imagine I’ll work in one of the companies as secretary, do successful my career. I believe, that I’ll live in my life meaningful and happily. So, I’ll live and believe that I’ll give the joy not only for me but for surrounding people too. I think that in 2062 all people will live better. It will be being new inventions, which will relieve so the life. I  believe , that at the time the life of people in the European Union will be going better and better.